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Medical Intervention …Uncovering my own opinions and bias.

If you hold a position of responsibility, if you act as a teacher or an educator, if you stand at the front of the room, if you do any of these things then of course have an opinion, be educated, be informed, be inquisitive - no one will want to hire you if your not - But be prepared to take a good long look at those opinions on a regular basis, understand if and how they differ from the facts, be open about your bias and above all be open to change and growth.

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But First …..Sleep!!!!!

Inadequate sleep in expectant mothers has been linked with depression, higher levels of inflammation and complications at birth, including low birth weight and preterm births ‘In summary, on the basis of the limited data, there appears to be an association between short sleep duration and adverse maternal and foetal outcomes. Specifically, women who are sleep deprived during pregnancy may experience longer labor, more pain and discomfort during labor, higher rates of preterm labor and cesarean section.

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